5 Marketing Essentials for Startup Law Firms

by Marketing January 28, 2022

Effectively market your legal practice

Marketing is the engine that drives new business. It’s hard to make your legal services stand out amongst all of the competition, which is why it’s essential to have a good understanding of marketing basics.

In this article, we outline five marketing fundamentals that your startup law firm can use to build your brand, win new business and turn your clients into raving fans.

1. Understand Your Audience

Effective marketing always starts with a comprehensive understanding of your audience. Who is your ideal client? What information do they consume online and where? What challenges do they face that your firm may be able to fix better than your competitors?

This kind of audience intelligence is invaluable. To organise it well, many marketers start by developing a Buyer Persona document. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers and should help guide your marketing decisions to ensure your firm speaks the right way to the right people.

2. Invest in a Great Website

A great website is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts and should be far more than just a list of services on a page. 

In the past, some businesses viewed websites as simply a digital pamphlet or a place where people could locate their contact information online. Today, smart businesses view their website as their 24/7 salesperson and carefully consider what actions their web visitors should take on every single page.

The best websites are designed with an eye for conversion optimization. There are many things you can do on your website to encourage engagement, including adding interactive elements, offering a free consult, or having a clear call to action on each page.

3. Advertise on Google

The Google Ads platform is a popular way to promote your business and allows you to deliver ads on the Google results page when a prospect searches for your services. For example, let’s say your firm specialises in Personal Injury in the Brisbane region. When somebody in Brisbane searches for “personal injury lawyer” on Google, you bid against other advertisers to display your ad at the top of the page, and only pay when somebody clicks on your ad (PPC - pay per click).

Google Ads also allows you to serve Display ads, which are image-based banners that can appear across millions of websites on the web, and also video ads on YouTube.

Digital advertising can span multiple platforms and be difficult to learn if you’re just starting out. That’s why many firms choose to engage a digital marketing agency to build and manage their advertising campaigns.

4. Develop Helpful Content

Content is one of the most important marketing tools in any startup law firm’s arsenal. Why? When your audience has a challenge that they need to solve, many times they’ll turn to the internet for answers first. If your business is there to answer their question first, you build trust with your audience and gain an opportunity to win new business.

Before diving into content marketing through blogs, videos and podcasts, consider what topics are most important to your audience. Articles that answer common questions your clients have is a good starting point to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO). Thought-leadership pieces, such as interviews with industry figures or in-depth data research can be great to promote on professional social networks like LinkedIn.

5. Improve Your Customer Experience

Some of the best marketers your business could ever employ are in fact your current and past customers. Customer referrals, testimonials and case studies are incredibly powerful sales materials and depend on you delivering a fantastic customer experience from onboarding to delivery and beyond. 

That’s why many startup firms invest in legal software like mattero to streamline customer onboarding and more. To see how mattero can power your firm’s early growth and be the strong foundation your firm needs to attract and delight your customers, get a free trial today.

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