The benefits of integrated mobile legal software

by Marketing May 07, 2021

Use your phone sparingly but effectively

These days, you can do everything on your phone, but there aren't many things you can use it for that truly increase your productivity.

Yes, perhaps there are more fun ways to use your phone on the train to and from work, but when you're preparing for a client meeting or collecting your thoughts after a day in court, it's convenient to have access to work files on your phone or tablet. More so than ever, lawyers are expected to to work from wherever they can, so being able to work from outside the office and on the move is a must.

So let's take a look at a few ways that phones and tablets are constantly changing and improving the way lawyers work.

Access what you need wherever and whenever you need it

Your phone and tablet travel with you everywhere. Which don't get us wrong, can be just as much of a curse as it is a blessing, but when you find yourself outside your usual work space and you need to review a document securely, having it at your fingertips instead of rushing back to your office to access it can be a major time and cost saver. It's simply the convenience of having your work files available on the train or while watching a football match, instead of having to go back into the office, that can make a difference.

mattero is web-based and cloud-based, so you can access everything you need relating to your matters in your internet browser, on any device, from anywhere as long as you have service. 

Capturing inspiration and seizing opportunity

Your smartphone or tablet are also tools for preserving flashes of inspiration and connection. Who hasn't used their notes app to take a note about a movie they want to see or book they want to read, or asked a new acquaintance to type in a phone number? You can also use your mobile devices to capture moments and insights critical to your matters, and ideally, in a way that immediately associates it with the relevant client or matter file. With mattero, you have all the functionality that comes with your computer, in the palm of your hand. mattero's responsive design makes it easy to work on your matters in a format that best suits the device you're working from. You can draft a note to capture an idea for a new argument you might make, and add it directly to a matter to be accessed later. If you make a new contact with a prospective client, with mattero you can add it straight into your database. Small moments like these can do wonders for a matter or your relationships with clients. 

The world is changing, we're becoming less tied to our desks but our workload certainly isn't going down. By utilising your mobile devices you can turn mundane moments into chances for productivity. That's not to say that you should be working every minute of the day, but using the Uber ride to court to send and save emails against a matter means you won't have to spend time doing it when you get back to your desk. If you like to work on the run, then mattero is with you all the way. 

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