A Guide to Pricing for Solo Lawyers

As a solo lawyer, there are various ways to price your services. However, if you're just starting, it can be pretty tough to pick the best pricing..

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How Solo Law Firms Can Thrive Post Pandemic

Was your solo law firm affected by the pandemic? You're not alone; many firms scrambled to make sudden changes to how they ran their day to day..

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Top Apps for Startup Legal Firms

Startup legal firms need to have the right apps in place to empower their businesses from the onset.

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Cyber Security Fundamentals for Small Law Firms

Cyber security isn’t only a problem for large organisations. Small businesses and law firms are not impervious to attacks, and it's more important..

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5 Apps to Power Remote Firms

Remote teams have become part of the everyday work landscape. To support businesses offering off-site and hybrid work arrangements, plenty of..

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How to Create a Great Law Firm Website

Today’s startup legal firm face a very different market to those ten years ago. Not only has technology transformed the way you operate your..

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