Why Centralising Your Work is Important

It's not just a luxury, it's essential. Why do lawyers need a legal software that provides them with centralised access to all matter related..

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How to take advantage of legal search tools

Save time and work smart Time and convenience are two of the hottest commodities in legal practice and improving your searches can make you the..

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Why you should embrace eSigning in your legal practice

Maximise your legal document efficiency  As a lawyer you'll be fully aware of the steps to the dance of getting legal documents signed, but what..

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Finding the right business partner for your new law firm

A good partner is hard to find, but invaluable Finding an ideal business partner is not like finding a friend or a spouse. Some of the qualities..

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The benefits of integrated mobile legal software

Use your phone sparingly but effectively These days, you can do everything on your phone, but there aren't many things you can use it for that..

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What's new in mattero in April

A Brief overview of new additions to our legal software  In this month's instalment of What's New, we introduce Briefs as part of mattero's..

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