mattero's Simple Trust Accounting is now Certified

by Marketing December 30, 2020

It's important that mattero provides a platform for our clients across Australia and New Zealand to be trust compliant, that’s why we’re extremely proud to announce that we have received our Trust Certification from the Law Society of New South Wales.

The simplicity of mattero allowed us to sail through the audit process and pass with flying colours which goes to show how intuitive our trust accounting is. For those who don't know what this entails, it doesn’t just happen overnight. The team at mattero has been working tirelessly to ensure that our system provides our clients with everything they need to succeed and will continue to do so into the future.

What goes into getting this certification and what does it mean?

In order to get our Trust Certification we had to run a script provided by the Law Society of NSW within the software that simulates 3 months of data. This includes 30 matters with multiple transactions of different types in each matter. As part of this we had to make sure that end of month calculations, Reconciliations and trust Reports were all correct.

Our previous interactions with the Law Society of NSW from our journey with LawMaster allowed us to have a strong base for the trust accounting in mattero meaning there wasn’t a lot we had to modify.

What does our trust accounting do?

For starters, everything you need in the simplest process imaginable. Every action, report and process you need in one central location. Here is a quick summary of what our trust accounting system can do:

1. Streamline your efficiency 
2. Make the reconciliation process as simple as possible
3. Statutory deposits
4. Generate intelligent trust reports
5. Control your audit trail 

Imagine if in just a few clicks you could have a trust transaction finished and audit ready. After that a summary of all receipts, invoices, cancellations and deposit listings is available from the mattero Cashbook. Streamlining this process means that you can focus your time and resources into the areas you need them, like over servicing your clients or working on business development, while ensuring that you remain trust compliant. 

Reconciling your monthly trust transactions and developing reports in mattero can be done in a matter of seconds. Receipts, payments and invoice payments are automatically available for reconciliation, this allows you to easily monitor and track discrepancies for a more straightforward end of month reconciliation process.

All the processes and systems you need to ensure you are trust Compliant are in one simple and centralised web-based platform.

Our recent enhancements

While we're here why don't we tell you about a few of the reports we've updated in the last few weeks:

  • Trust audit report
  • Trust overdrawn statement 
  • Trust journal report 
  • Trust journal authorisation 
  • Deposit listing report
  • Trust payment EFT requisition form

The trust audit report now tracks changes to the matter titles and users have the ability to more effectively view all trust Reports before publishing them. By consistently updating our reports we aim to continue to improve the experience of our users within mattero and ensure they're getting the most out of the system and their work.

So what does this all mean? After only one application mattero now holds certificate number 17 of compliant trust accounting software from the Law Society of New South Wales.

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