Top Apps for Startup Legal Firms

by Marketing March 17, 2022

Startup legal firms need to have the right apps in place to empower their businesses from the onset.

Since it can be challenging to stay organised and up-to-date with clients, partners, emails and invoices that need immediate attention, it is also crucial to know which apps are worth integrating into your business processes.

If you're an aspiring lawyer or if you've just started your law firm, congratulations! Even though starting your business may feel daunting, legal software like mattero can make it easy for you to focus on doing what you love while technology can shoulder some of your administrative burdens and simplify your practice management.

For example, mattero provides quality, cloud-based legal software to run your business efficiently and more profitably. With mattero on your side, managing tasks becomes simple, easy and affordable, helping you to achieve a balance in your legal life.

Don't waste your time and money on software that is not going to benefit your firm. Here are high-value apps for lawyers that can help you to build your technology stack as a start-up legal firm.

1. Slack

Communication in a busy startup legal environment can be chaotic if not managed well. Communication between staff, stakeholders and clients can often mean sending and receiving a bucketful of emails.

Slack is a business messaging app designed to move non-critical communication out of your email inbox and into an easily managed messaging platform. Not only does this speed up and simplify conversations, but reduces the room for error that comes with a cluttered email inbox.

2. Xero

Xero is an online accounting solution that is easy to use and stops the legal paper chase. It allows you and your accountant to view a client’s critical billing data anywhere, anytime.

Xero also provides a single location for lawyers to review their firm’s financial health.

Xero saves you much time that you might waste tracking and billing. So, you get more time to spend with your customers.

3. LinkedIn

Listing a social media platform on a list of top apps for startup legal firms might sound strange, but when it comes to growing a professional network and reaching potential new clients, LinkedIn can be a powerful asset to any growing firm.

In fact, LinkedIn can be a great way to generate leads for your law firm. You can use it to:

  •  Showcase recent client success stories
  • Establish relationships and referral networks with other growing firms
  • Share thought leadership articles to attract new audiences to your business
  • Run targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential clients in areas and industries relevant to your business.

 4. Tweek

Tweek is another free task management software that allows you to share your to-do list with your team. It is an online day-to-day basis and weekly planner to increase your firm’s productivity.

Tweek incorporates a calendar view mode every week and also a reminder app, which you can set to provide email alerts. If you’re someone who still enjoys the simplicity of a pure to-do checklist, Tweek is a great app to incorporate into your everyday workflow.

 5. mattero

mattero is a cloud-based legal software solution that allows startups, sole practitioners and small teams to run an efficient legal practice.

Including a suite of useful tools for matter management, practice management, client relationship management, financial management, documents and more, mattero is an all-in-one legal platform that can transform your firm’s productivity.

If you’re ready to explore how technology like ours can power your new legal practice, get a free 14-day mattero trial here - no credit card required!

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