What's new in mattero in April

by Marketing April 22, 2021

A Brief overview of new additions to our legal software 

In this month's instalment of What's New, we introduce Briefs as part of mattero's Premium package offering.

Do you prepare documents for court, briefs to counsel, or simply bundle documents together to share with clients? Then we recommend trying Briefs which will help you reduce the time it takes to prepare quality professional briefs. Briefs is now available on a trial basis to mattero clients on the Starter and Essentials packages for a limited period.

Stay tuned until the end of the article to find an exciting announcement on what's coming up in mattero.

For now though, find out why Briefs are better with mattero.


It's no secret that bundling documents for clients, preparing a brief to counsel, or preparing court documents can take extreme amounts of time. These bundles can be hundreds of pages in length and once you've collated them all it can be difficult to find individual sections.

What was once one of laws most arduous and resource-heavy processes is now one of ease and simplicity. Gone is the need to spend days collating a bundle of documents, all thanks to Brief's which can quickly convert large numbers of documents into a single numbered and indexed PDF. Briefs is a brand new Premium feature that is available for a limited time to those on the Starter and Essentials packages, so take advantage of this opportunity and get started with Briefs today.

mattero's Briefs is designed to use Document Tags as the basis of the brief structure. Therefore we recommend that you spend some time carefully planning the structure of your briefs before adding more document tags and setting up Document Brief Templates.

Create a Brief:

mattero allows you to add multiple briefs to a matter. The Documents window on the matter is where you'll create your Brief from, it has  has been enhanced to display in either Documents mode or Briefs mode. The Document Brief Templates is where you'll create the structure of your brief using your Document Tags so you don't have to build the sections every time.

When creating a Brief from a template, all of the documents listed on the matter will automatically be allocated to the relevant section of the Brief, based on the assigned document tags. The intuitive tags make it possible to display one document in multiple sections when you create a new Brief.

Briefs can be created manually using a selection of Document Tags if you do not wish to build the Document Brief Templates.

Work with and preview the Brief:

Brief's have been designed so that they are as simple to work with as possible. You can add documents to the Brief, remove documents from the brief, move documents between sections, and preview the brief all from the Actions button menu. All of these functions can be done as bulk operations by highlighting multiple documents or as an individual action on a single document. 

The Preview Brief feature is the easiest way to gain a holistic view of the entire brief which allows you to collapse and expand sections to check documents section by section. It is quick to download an individual document, a complete section, or the entire brief as a formatted zip file from the preview window. What's more, you can work with and preview Briefs from any of your devices, just as you can with any other feature in mattero. This comes in handy when you need to send off small sections to other parties without having to download all other sections of the brief. 

Share Brief Portal

The ability to share Briefs means you no longer will have to spend large sums of money on printing briefs every time there is a change and paying a courier to ship them across town. mattero creates a secure access link which you can share with Counsel or clients via email. The recipient of the email enters the secure access code to enter the Brief Portal where they can view and download the brief. 

If you want to know more about working with Briefs you can find it in the onboarding guides in the Knowledge Base.

Zapier Integration Coming Soon!

So you made it to the end and we did promise a little sneak peak at what's coming up in mattero. Keep it on the hush hush but our integration with Zapier is coming soon. Unlock the power of automation with Zapier! It's the easiest way to connect your favourite apps with mattero, so you can eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and do more with less work.

To join the Early Adopter Program, email our Helpdesk team to request your invite.

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