What's New in mattero in August 2021

by Marketing August 30, 2021

Our new legal software features

It has been a busy month for the team at mattero and we're excited to share our latest features with you including enhancements to our Briefs, documents, and reporting features.

An Enhancement to Briefs

Earlier this year, we released Briefs to users who are on mattero's Starter and Essentials packages, allowing them to efficiently bundle together documents for court or disclosure, or to share with clients. To round out this feature, we are releasing the Export Brief to PDF functionality to you today, meaning you can now export your documents stored as a brief to a single PDF. You can also configure and customise the files appearance with the option to set; a title page, a table of contents, font types and sizes for page numbers select sections to include in the final export, and more. Compile, index, and paginate briefs to present them in a professional format to barristers, court, and clients.  This intelligent feature simplifies the process of creating briefs saving you hours of time.

Though it is currently available to those on the starter and essential plans, as of January 2022, Briefs will be exclusive to those clients who purchase or upgrade to the mattero Premium package. The Export Brief to PDF feature utilises resources outside of the existing mattero package framework; therefore, we foresee that this component will incur a fee in addition to the monthly Premium package charge. Pricing for this feature has not yet been finalised, but if you are interested in continuing to use the Export Brief to PDF feature from January 2022, please speak to one of our friendly mattero team.

New Legal Financial Reports 

Along with Briefs we also have some enhancements to our existing reports suggested by our users as well as two new reports coming to mattero:

1) Time records report

This new report is sure to be a winner! It displays the total income for the month detailing all invoiced fees and expenses. See a quick and easy summary of all user's time records to see where you're team is spending the most time. 

2) Monthly invoice cost report 

This new report provides a summary of all monthly invoices which can be broken down by practice area, fees, and expenses. Track key metric from your business with ease with this granular view of your organisation's finances. 

Have more information and a greater understanding of your organisation's position at your finger tips to make accurate business decisions. 

What's Next?

At mattero we're always looking to the future and what intuitive features it'll bring for our clients. We can't give away too much but we can tell you we're working to bring you the ability to generate a financial statement for am matter listing all trust and invoice transactions that you can provide to your clients. 

This is just one of the features coming to our users soon so now is the perfect time to  start with mattero. Are you interested in trying out mattero? Click here to get started with out 14 day trial or click the button below to learn more and simplify your legal work today. 

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