Why your legal software should integrate with your devices

by Marketing February 05, 2021

It's a necessity, not a luxury

In today's ever-changing world of technology and working conditions, we are constantly relying more on our smartphones and other smart devices to help us with the daily operations of our jobs.

One of the ways many lawyers help to keep their operations balanced and organised is by using law firm software which helps with:

  • Managing Documents
  • Managing tasks
  • Simplifying billing
  • Improving visibility
  • Integrating with your inbox
  • Providing access to everything you need
The dilemma of working on the go

That's a very basic description of some of the things legal software should do for you, but why is it important that they integrate with your devices? The last year or so should be explanation enough but let's delve a little deeper.

Picture this, you're on the way to client meeting, you're in a rush because you couldn't find your keys, it's the middle of summer and you're flustered. Halfway there you realise you've forgotten an important document you needed your client to sign. What are you going to do turn around and go back? That's not an option, you're already pressed for time. It doesn't matter though, you arrive at the meeting, pull out your phone or tablet, access mattero through your internet browser, open the document and send it to your client to be digitally signed using our integration with InfoTrack's Sign It. Problem solved, no need to keep your client waiting and you have your document signed and ready to go. 

That's just one of the advantages that comes with using an intuitive software like mattero which allows you to access your matter-related information from anywhere, any time, on any device. Whether you're working from home, an office or a café, you can be assured that you'll always be able to manage your matters with ease. 

As lawyers are often away from their offices for long periods of time, being able to access multiple files and documents from your smartphone or tablet is crucial if you want to stay organised and informed no matter where your job takes you. 

Managing tasks on the move

You have a thousand to-do's during the day it's the nature of legal practice. You need to be able to stay on top of them no matter where you are. Say you need to contact third-party for some information relating to a matter. Your legal software should provide you with a clear reminder of this task and an intelligent way of completing it. Once you've seen the reminder you can easily access the matter in mattero find the contact information of the third-party that is stored against the matter and complete the task. 

It is simple daily interactions like this that show how important it is that your legal software integrates with all of your devices. The potential for it to get you out of a bind that could impact your matter is reason enough to prove the necessity. However, it's the simple ability to work from anywhere when you need to that is the key benefit. Integrating your Outlook inbox with mattero lets you open and send emails from your phone and save them directly against the matter. Small convenient changes to your general processes can save you a lot of time daily and improve on your efficiency.

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