Announcing our official partnership with Xero

by Marketing July 08, 2021

Are you using spreadsheets to keep track of your law firm accounting and invoicing? Though this might make sense to you, there’s a better way.

Running a legal practice can be challenging, especially in the early days when you don't have the support from admin teams. This means you must work smarter and simplify how you do your processes. If your accounting is giving you trouble, simplify it, convert fees and expenses into invoices with just a click.

Looking after your business

Utilise the leader in small business accounting software Xero, along with the simplest legal software you'll ever use; mattero, to reduce the administration overhead that comes with running your own legal practice. Stop spending hours producing bills when there is a simpler solution at hand. .

Our two-way integration with Xero synchronises contacts, invoices, payments, bank accounts, general ledger accounts, and tax rates with Xero to offer you a seamless experience. Whether you choose an automated routine or a manual synchronisation process, you're in complete control of your data at all times.

Our innovative integration allows for payments made in Xero to sync to mattero (including pre-payments, overpayments, and credit notes), while Trust Invoice payments made in mattero will seamlessly sync with Xero. With all this and much more, mattero is the one-stop shop for all your organisation’s needs.

Our Partnership

mattero has integrated with Xero for quite some time now, but we're extremely excited to announce that we are now recognised as an official Xero partner.

This partnership ensures the continuant of a strong relationship between our two companies. As an official partner, mattero is now available through the Xero marketplace.

mattero and Xero, the preferred partnership of small law firms to manage their matters, trust, and business accounting, beautifully.

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