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When you need reliable law firm accounting software to help your team get the upper hand on a day-to-day basis, we have the perfect solution. With seamless integration into your current operation, mattero is the obvious choice for a young team.

Problems Time and Billing Software for Lawyers Can Address in Your Practice

To get the most out of any software, you should always understand what it can do for you and why it is something you need. To help you understand the legal billing software, we put together a short list of problems it can tackle:

time and billing software


  • This software allows you to convert fees and expenses into invoices with a simple click of a button. You get to manage trust accounting with streamlined efficiency and get the same excellent results you would expect from the best accounting software.

  • You can create or populate documents from scratch with a simple click, and you can also utilise the powerful templates. These features allow you to deliver readable documents to the hands of those who need it with none of the delays you would experience if you had to compile everything every time manually.

  • The dashboard makes it effortless to see everything. You no longer have to deal with several tabs open in a browser or hop between multiple applications to find what you need, because mattero does it all.

If you need an intuitive dashboard, the ability to convert fees and expenses into invoices with a simple click, or to populate documents from scratch, choosing this simple solution is the obvious choice for the most effective results.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Legal Accounting Software for Your Team

Here are a few reasons why we believe getting the right trust accounting software for lawyers is of utmost importance:

trust accounting software

  • The accuracy and speed offered by this software ensure that you have minimal – if any – errors. When it comes to finances, the last thing you want are errors that you discover too late. With mattero’s accuracy, you will not have this concern.

  • Extremely user friendly. Any team can pick it up and incorporate it quickly and effectively. Whether you are a sole practitioner, a boutique law firm or a barrister, you can rely on the Essentials package to provide you with the convenient assistance you deserve.

Why You Should Choose mattero When You Need Reliable Solicitors’ Accounting Software

Mastrin brings more than 30 years of knowledge to the table, packaged into software that can support your practice. These packages provide intuitive solutions to common problems and customer support that can help you at any time should you run into problems. We offer two distinct packages (with a third coming soon) that allow you to get the features you need instead of paying for features you might not use. Whether you need the Starter or Essentials package, you can be confident that you get maximum value for money every time.

Ensure that you have the accounting tools you need to become even more effective in your everyday business. Legal software integrates seamlessly into any firm without much need for adaptation or hours spent on installation. Send us a message today, and we can discuss the best option for your practice.

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