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If you find yourself struggling to keep track of your files, this legal document  management software can help you streamline each matter. mattero software is specifically made for busy lawyers who need added assistance in
managing day-to-day tasks.



Benefits of Legal Document Management Software

Are you still on the fence about whether you would like to invest in a legal file management system?

Here are some reasons why we think mattero is ideal for any law firm:

  • Allows you to have more time with your clients: Do you find that you struggle to balance your general legal work and meeting with clients? By taking advantage of our software, you can create a list of tasks for every matter, which permits you to manage your time more effectively. You can dedicate a set timeframe to specific tasks while still having enough time to meet with new or prospective clients.
  • Improved client satisfaction: Regardless of the legal matter, clients want to see a quick turnaround time on their case. Our software allows you to set reminders for yourself for when specific tasks or documents are due. Utilising this feature will enable you to always stay on track with client expectations, leading to increased client satisfaction.
  • Centralisation: In a technology-driven world, shifting through traditional paper files has become a feature of the past. Instead, you can log into mattero and see all your clients and the status of each case in a few clicks.



Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Legal Document Drafting Software

Unfortunately, there are instances where clients take missteps when using legal drafting software.

To make the most out of your purchase, we recommend that you avoid the following mistakes:

  • Neglecting to double-check the information you entered: Although drafting software helps you produce documents more efficiently, it doesn't mean that errors don't occur. Understandably, a client would become upset if they noticed a misspelling in their name on an important document. mattero allows you to reduce mistakes by merging the client and matter details to multiple documents once, for compound use.
  • Track time more efficiently: Lawyers who charge clients for drafting documents can easily track time and enter it into mattero. The design of this intelligent software makes it easy for you to record your time to ensure that every moment of your day turns into billable time.
  • Overlooking the importance of linking your software to Outlook: A key feature of mattero is that it links/integrates directly to/with MS Outlook. Doing so makes sending drafted documents to clients or other professionals convenient and simplifies storing and locating correspondence from other parties. This intelligent software connects to Outlook in seconds and can save you valuable time daily

Why mattero is a Cost-Effective Choice

We understand that as a sole practitioner or even a boutique law firm,

mattero makes it easy to purchase only the functionality you need. Why overspend for a range of tools that don't apply to your practice or which won't help in daily operations? Through this cost-competitive arrangement, it's easy to access the conveyancing software or family law tools you or your team need to work smarter every day. Explore the possibilities first-hand when you start a free trial today or choose your subscription tier now.

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