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Choosing Software for Effective Legal Matter Management

The challenges of legal matter management are many and complex, especially so for boutique law firms, start-up legal teams, and especially the sole practitioner. Many enter into this field, expecting to spend the majority of their time practicing law. By the time the realities of law firm matter management and the business side of the equation become apparent, many already find themselves behind and feeling "snowed under" by the amount of work there is to handle each day. Sometimes, just making it through all the emails in your inbox in a day feels like a victory.

What if there was a software tool designed specifically with needs such as yours in mind, and built from the ground up to be user friendly? With mattero, you'll find matter-handling software that's second to none. From a convenient payment structure to a feature-rich design, sole practitioners or start-ups can enjoy a tool that lets them get back to the essential work.

The Benefits of Robust Matter Management Software

Why invest in legal matter management systems at all?

Typically considered an expensive purchase and often hampered by steep learning curves and unintuitive user interfaces, adopting a new program may initially seem more trouble than it is worth. A look at the benefits, however, makes it clear this is a cost-effective choice:

legal matter management

  • You can simplify tedious document management tasks in one central location. Build custom templates for one-click document creation or auto-populate boilerplate documents with ease. It is easy to overlook how many hours each day we spend working with documents. Why not go paperless? With mattero, that's a possibility within reach for legal teams.

  • Simplify tracking billable time and client invoicing. Capture time directly from within the software or report fixed-fee items that you've pre-defined in the software. Don't spend more time watching the clock to keep accurate records than you do performing legal research.

  • Centralise all details pertaining to particular matters in one place, accessible with a few clicks. Don't lose track of essential documents, appointment reminders, legal requirements, and other information that may relate to the matters you or your firm handles daily.

What Sets mattero Apart as In House Legal Matter Management Software?

Once you recognise the need for better legal matter management, it's time to find the tools you need to make it happen.

Why is mattero that tool? Consider how we've developed intuitive software to stand apart in its field, providing a better solution to teams such as yours:

legal matter management software

  • We use a highly competitive monthly subscription payment model with two tiers, simplifying the process of finding software that aligns with specific law firm requirements. From sole practitioners to corporate teams preparing to expand to the next level, mattero is ideal for them all, scaling with ease.

  • mattero is an intuitive platform with a simple interface. Why spend hours fighting with the software that's supposed to make your job easier? A less intense learning curve ensures that everyone in your practice "even if that only means you" will quickly come "up to speed" on the program. Onboarding new team members when necessary is much simpler with straightforward software.

  • Built-in Outlook integration ensures you don't lose track of important emails and documents pertaining to any particular matter. Associate documents with matters in just a couple of clicks and keep everything close at hand.

What You Can Expect from mattero as Your In House Legal Software

What else should you know about mattero before you commit to deploy it in your practice?

Consider some of the important facts about this software and what you should anticipate when you or your team use it daily:

  • Enhanced visibility of the most important information pertaining to matters. mattero's built-in dashboard provides "at a glance" summaries in a simple and readable format.

  • Built-in reminders to streamline follow-ups and to ensure that you never miss a crucial filing deadline. Although not quite a zero-touch solution, it's as close as possible. Contact clients, keep them up to date on their matter, and store correspondence, all effortlessly.

  • A stable, robust experience. Software that crashes and loses essential information at the wrong moment can create significant disruptions for a practice. We've poured countless hours of development time into making mattero a stable and reliable solution.

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