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When you run your own legal practice, a lot of time goes into the actual running of the practice, something that legal practice management software can help streamline and simplify. Whether you are a solicitor, a barrister, a start-up or a sole practitioner, you can't rely on the big billing departments or HR teams that large corporate firms have to keep the wheels of the firm turning. From paperwork to customer relationship management to time tracking and invoicing, lawyers need to shoulder many tasks that, on the surface, have very little to do with actually practicing law.

The Importance of Legal Practice Software

To make life easier for lawyers and small law firms, we built mattero,

a powerful legal practice software solution that serves to automate, integrate or streamline many of the more menial tasks that go along with the legal profession. Software solutions such as mattero are growing more popular at nearly every level of legal practice' from software, which is targeted toward sole practitioners, to corporate legal software intended for large corporate law firms. Why are these tools so important? Here are a few reasons:

legal practice management software

  • It makes managing a practice easier. When you work at a large law firm as a lawyer, your primary job is just that: being a lawyer. When you own and operate your own firm, your list of responsibilities suddenly grows considerably. Adopting the right software tool can take many of the more daunting tasks of managing a legal enterprise and simplify them for you. Our software for lawyers, for instance, includes tools for managing tasks, emails, document creation, time tracking, invoicing, and trust accounting. Clients who decide to use mattero are amazed at just how much time they save by having a smart, intuitive software tool that can do much of the work for them.

  • Helps you nourish client relationships. Ultimately, client relationships are what legal practice is all about. The most successful lawyers and law firms are invariably the ones who can build strong, positive, trusting relationships with their clients. mattero, in addition to being a task management tool, is also a CRM (customer relationship management tool). Its functions will help you capture the client information that is most important to you, keep up to date on communications, stay on top of your cases and just generally deliver the level of attention and service that your clients deserve from their lawyer.

  • Makes it easier to do business from anywhere. Our practitioner software was built to take advantage of cloud technology. As a result, once you start using mattero, all your assets, information, features, and integrations will be accessible from any device. Rather than being shackled to your office computer system, you will be able to manage your practice from anywhere-something that became especially valuable this year, when COVID-19 shut down offices and sent everyone into work-from-home mode.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Legal Practice Management Software

If you decide to use mattero as your legal software,

keep these tips in mind to make sure you are getting as much value as possible out of your software:

legal practice software

  • Select the pricing tier that makes sense for you. We currently have two pricing tiers, with a third coming soon, all of which bring a different combination of features to the table. The 'Starter' package includes the basics (client management, matter management, and email management). It is typically the best option for clients seeking solicitor software, barrister software or software for in-house legal teams. The 'Essentials' tier adds features for time and cost recording, invoicing, and trust accounting. View our 'Pricing' page to learn more.

  • Take advantage of integrations. You'll get the most out of mattero when you start integrating it with external applications. Right now, the software supports integrations with Outlook, Office 365, and Xero.

  • Get used to checking your dashboard. The best thing about our software, according to many users, is the dashboard, a central spot you can use to monitor and track everything going on in your firm. This easy-to-read page gives you a single view of your tasks, cases, clients, emails, documents, and billing, making it markedly easier to make the big-picture decisions that impact your practice's future.

Why Trust mattero as Your Legal Practitioner Software?

mattero was built by Mastrin, who is the same team behind LawMaster, a legal software geared towards large corporate law firms.

It's backed by 30-plus years of experience in the legal software niche, as well as by first-hand experience in the legal profession. If you are looking for legal practice management software and want something that was built by lawyers, for lawyers, you've come to the right place. Send us a message to learn more.

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