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If you are looking for legal software to ensure you have access to the self-service legal platform of choice, we can help. Whether you are a barrister, solicitor, small legal team, sole practitioner, boutique law firm, start-up, or in-house corporate lawyer, choosing mattero is the best decision you can make.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors When You
Need Legal Database Software

You should always choose the best team available when you need reliable legal management software,

and to help you understand why we believe we are that team, we put together the following list:

legal practice management software

  • We make managing your legal matters much simpler. We streamline your legal work and your day-to-day activities to ensure you can get back to practicing law. We want to help you save as much time as possible because we understand that in this profession, time is a valuable commodity.

  • mattero allows your office to be anywhere. You can do everything on the software anywhere, at any time, and from any of your devices. Everything you need to remain at the top of your game is at your fingertips, giving you the flexibility that you want to be as mobile as is necessary.

  • This intuitive software offers simple integration for seamless connections. With mattero, you can connect to your key cloud-based business applications in a single click. This feature allows you to access the platforms you need as quickly as possible every time.

  • We offer excellent customer service to all our clients. We can assist with anything regarding the software to ensure integration into your practice is as simple as possible.

Whether you want a service that makes your day-to-day operations simpler, software that you can access from anywhere, or seamless integration of all your important cloud-based applications, mattero does it all.

What You Should Always Expect from Legal Solutions Software

Legal software offers a host of useful features,

and to help provide clarity, we put together a quick breakdown of all those features here:

legal software

  • We make it much easier to build client relationships with the ability to capture client information that you deem important. Saving the right information and having access to the choice of what information you save is essential.

  • You can easily capture all time-based or fixed fees with mattero to ensure you never miss a minute's worth of billing. Ensuring that you do not have to use other software to handle your fee capturing makes mattero that much more useful.

  • mattero offers intuitive solutions for remaining ahead of your schedule. You have access to intuitive activities and reminders that make your follow-ups as good as zero effort every time to ensure you never forget anything.

About Us and Our Services for Excellent Legal Practice Management Software

We understand that as a sole practitioner or even a boutique law firm,

you have specific challenges that larger firms might not face. Our mission has always been to provide smaller teams with a practical solution that ensures exceptional productivity around the clock. Whether you focus on a large number of legal sectors or specialise in one, mattero software will always be something your practice can use.

Ensuring your start-up team has the upper hand when they need it can make a world of difference in the legal profession. We help you make the most of your time so you can focus on all the important things while we simplify everything else. Call us today or browse our offers and get the software you need now.

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