Small Law Firm Practice Management Software

Small Law Firm Practice Management Software

Choosing Efficient Small Law Firm Practice Management Software

Exploring the world of management software for a sole practitioner is a process that often proves more complicated than many legal practitioners expect. Where you may hope to find affordable yet fully-featured software that is well-developed, you often find solutions tailored to the largest law firms — not the smaller team you have. From supporting a company as an in-house corporate team to developing a small, independent firm in family law, the software you choose to underpin your efforts makes a big difference, so why is it so tough to find a solution that aligns with your priorities?

mattero is aimed to provide a simple solution to this problem. From simplifying matter management to streamlining the way you handle documents and more, mattero is ideal for start-up or sole practices in the legal field. Why is it such a good idea to streamline your operations with better software, and how do we tick the right boxes for our users?

The Importance of Document Management Software for Small Law Firms

No one truly warns you in law school how much paperwork a day of work generates.

Why should you look for family law software that includes robust tools for managing the documents you receive, generate, and modify every day? Such tools are important for several reasons:

small law firm practice management software

  • According to the 2012 IDC Information Worker Survey, professionals such as lawyers spend more than 11 hours each week navigating document-related challenges. Of this, more than half is time workers considered "wasted." Without better document management strategies, law firms cannot be as efficient as possible.

  • Rigorous documentation is more important in the legal sector than almost anywhere else. When certain matters may hinge on filling out the appropriate documents at the right time and in the correct format, poor management techniques can lead to less than ideal outcomes.

  • Time not spent on document management is time you can spend on other, more critical tasks facing the firm. From advancing matters to the next stage to providing clients with timely updates and more, simplifying document management with a tool such as mattero is a smart move.

Fast Facts About Our Small Law Firm Software

What else do you need to know about mattero?

Run through this quick breakdown of some of the facts and features you should know about:

small law firm software

  • mattero comes with monthly subscription tiers. Choose the option that best suits your needs. For in-house legal groups, our Starter tier comes with all the tools you need in one convenient package. For those who handle an even wider range of issues, the Essentials and Premium tiers deliver even more value and functionality.

  • mattero has built-in integration for services, including Office 365 and Xero accounting software. Work in a manner that's fully connected with all your preferred solutions and enjoy seamless transference of data between applications.

  • mattero works on all your devices, from your laptop, tablet or desktop computer to your preferred mobile device. Stay in touch with your matters wherever you are.

Why mattero is a Cost-Effective Choice

We understand that as a sole practitioner or even a boutique law firm,

mattero makes it easy to purchase only the functionality you need. Why overspend for a range of tools that don't apply to your practice or which won't help in daily operations? Through this cost-competitive arrangement, it's easy to access the conveyancing software or family law tools you or your team need to work smarter every day. Explore the possibilities first-hand when you start a free trial today or choose your subscription tier now.

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