5 Software Considerations When Running a Remote Legal Practice

by Marketing October 14, 2021

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Just a few years ago, people would have scratched their heads if you told them about a remote legal practice. Today, remote work is the norm.

But just because it’s becoming increasingly common, doesn’t mean it’s always efficient, smooth and convenient. Many of the frustrations people experience with remote working stem from organisational and process problems. Fortunately, technology provides the tools necessary to keep everyone connected and productive, even when they’re all working from different locations.

This article will discuss five software considerations that can help you make the most of your remote legal practice. They include software accessibility, security, integrations, time tracking and client communications. Let’s get started!

1. Software accessibility

Nothing is more frustrating than not having access to the software you need to accomplish your work. However, with mattero, your entire suite of tools is always there.


Cloud-based software offers a myriad of advantages, no matter where you are. For example, your team will access information faster, have multiple backup copies of precious data, and enjoy a high level of efficiency.

Hunting files adds up to hours lost, but you can access your files from anywhere with cloud-based software. And whoever pulls that document will obtain the same version, reducing the risk of mistakes and duplications. 


When everyone works in the office, it’s easy to keep the entire team working on the same types of computers and devices. But when everyone’s working from home?

With mattero, each person can work on their preferred devices (laptop or desktop, Microsoft or Mac), and the software will work seamlessly.

2. Security

Today’s cloud technology employs sophisticated encryption and security, making your case management data more secure in the cloud than it would be on-site at the office. Still, accidents happen, and sometimes well-meaning colleagues mishandle files or forget to save something. Cloud storage backs up your data on several servers in multiple locations to cover your bases. And two-factor authentication can make it even more secure.


How do you maintain compliance when everyone works in a different location? Again, your software plays a key role. For instance, you can run compliant and audit-ready reports for trust ledgers, cashbooks, audits, trust overdraws, trust trial balances, and trust journals. And you don’t need a large admin team to keep everything efficient and compliant.


In addition to multiple backups and strict compliance, your team can use two-factor authentication to make doubly sure that your data is protected.

Remote access

Security doesn’t have to preoccupy your workday, even when you’re working remotely. With cloud storage backups, encryption and two-factor authentication, you’re good to go. And if you’re suddenly working from home, we have some tips to help you adjust.

3. Integrations

You may already have some apps you can’t live without. So bring them along when you start using mattero. Our integrations help you to incorporate your old favourites into your new systems.


You’ll get the most out of your legal software when you integrate it with the apps you love most. For example, you can pin the mattero panel to your Outlook Inbox to save, send, reply to emails. mattero’s add-in is so intuitive, it will suggest matters or contacts based on the recipient or sender of the message, eliminating the need for manual filing. Every little time-saver adds up to greater efficiency in your workday.

Current Integrations

mattero provides seamless integration with the following applications:

  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Xero
  • Infotrack
  • Zapier.

From client contacts to invoicing, our integrations have you covered.

4. Time tracking

Time tracking is never easy, but when you’re working remotely, it can seem nearly impossible. But with mattero’s time-tracking features, you can enter time from anywhere. 

Visibility across firm

Office managers start to feel nervous with everyone working remotely. How are things going? When will you know the bottom line? With mattero, you have real-time visibility across the firm, so you’re never left in the dark.

Automated time tracking & matter management

It’s easy to set up cost codes for chargeable and non-chargeable fees, and you can bill the way you want using editable units or fixed time. You can also set the flexible costing templates as you wish and employ user default charge rates. Once you have everything set up as you want, your time will be tracked automatically, leading to improved invoicing and payments.

5. Client communications

We’ve saved the trickiest consideration for last. How do you stay in close communication with coworkers and clients while you’re working remotely? Can you eliminate some of the paper that shuffles between you?


Can’t get together with clients to sign documents? No problem. With secure eSignature technology, everyone can inscribe their names digitally from their own devices, wherever they are.

Secure video conferencing

And secure video conferencing provides you with a way to maintain private conversations with clients and colleagues, even though you can’t be in the same room. So stay close and connected, even when you’re working remotely.

These days, your office is anywhere. If you’re ready to give us a go, start a 14-day free trial of mattero today. You’ll be able to access everything, anywhere, at any time and from any device. It’s all at your fingertips when you need it so that you can run your remote legal practice with peace of mind and incredible efficiency. Let’s get you started!

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