work life balance

Achieving Work-Life Balance As A Lawyer

The legal profession is notorious for long hours and poor work-life balance – many firms bill by the hour, so it’s easy to see how balance becomes..

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5 Software Considerations When Running a Remote Legal Practice

Help your practice perform at its best Just a few years ago, people would have scratched their heads if you told them about a remote legal practice...

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Lawyer burnout, what is it and how you can avoid it

The legal profession is equal parts rewarding and stressful. As a lawyer, especially one who is just starting their own legal practice, you find..

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So, you want to become an in-house corporate lawyer

Is it time to make the switch? You've been working in big law firms for years and you think it's time for a change.

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Are You Suddenly Working from Home?

Simple Tips to Help You Adjust to This New Way of Working With the spread of COVID-19, many practices have decided to work remotely from home.

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Small but Mighty, The Power of the MicroPractice

One of the few paths to legal-life balance, it’s no surprise that legal micropractices are becoming a popular career option. Rejecting the..

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