How electronic signing can benefit small law firms

by Marketing March 25, 2021

Simplify your signing

You've been part of the legal profession for a while, so you know how slow and cumbersome the process of getting legal documents signed can be. 

You have to draw up the proper forms, fill out your parts, package the documents up, and hand them off to a courier service. That service gets the documents to your client, who then signs their portions, and has them sent back to you. Once you have the documents back in your possession you can review them, and get them filed away properly.

This whole process feels like something out of the distant past; a time before technology had revolutionised the way we handled our paperwork. There are still a lot of firms that do things this way, though, mostly because it's the way they've always done them. However, when you look at the cost in terms of time, effort, and money that this more traditional process takes, it makes you wonder why you're still doing things the old fashioned way especially when there is a viable alternative, especially when Covid has shown that we are perfectly capable of doing our jobs digitally.  As a small legal practice you can't afford to be wasting money on processes, but you can afford to simplify and enhance your everyday processes. 

How Electronic Signing Can Help

Chances are good that over the last year you've experienced some form of esigning. At its most basic, esigning is when you receive a digital document via a secured service, and you fill it out the same way you would any other legal document. The only difference is that instead of filling out your name, address, and signature with a pen, you're doing it on your computer or mobile device. Once you have all the areas filled out, you simply click to confirm that you agree that the form looks the way you want it to, and that's it... you're done!

This digital transition could do so much for firms that don't currently use it. You're running a small firm, you know well enough that you have to make the most of your resources, whether that be time, money or staff. You can't afford to be sitting around waiting for couriers to trek through traffic, you need your documents signed and returned to you as quickly as possible. 

Electronic signing all but cuts out the middleman when sending your documents over the internet rather than physically transporting them. This makes sure the documents arrive at their destination in seconds, greatly reducing the amount of time the whole process takes. Using a digital signing service costs pennies when compared to a more traditional courier as well. Not only that, but rather than having the single signed copy of a paper document you now have a digital copy of the forms you needed. Furthermore, as these documents are encrypted, they're safer than they would be sending out physical copies by courier.  There's no risk of paper documents being ruined by weather, or damaged in transit, requiring the whole process to start over again from the top. You can email them to business partners, back them up on the cloud, and access them when you need them through mattero

The Technology's Been Proven (So Why Aren't You Using It?)

Jumping on the bandwagon whenever a new technology comes out can feel like a risk and that's understandable.  But electronic signing has been a staple in many industries for a while now and services like InfoTrack's SignIt technology, which integrates with mattero have proven themselves to be functional as well as reliable.

So the question you need to ask yourself is why are you still doing things the older, slower, and more expensive way when there is another method available to you? A method that has been market tested, which is reliable, and which can be used for clients that are across town, across the country, or across the world.  It doesn't take any additional time, or incur any additional costs for how far your digital documents need to travel.

If you aren't already using it there is no reason you shouldn't be switching to this service asap. 

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