Startup Law Firm? Here’s How to Track Time Effectively

Time is money. Understanding and accounting for the use of your lawyer's time is vital to the success of your law firm.

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mattero Premium Package Launch

mattero launches their highly anticipated Premium package

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Signs Your In-House Legal Software Needs Upgrading

Recognising the signs Determining if your in house legal software is optimal can be a challenge, especially as your requirements change while growing..

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Law Firm File Naming Structure: Efficiency Do’s and Don’ts

What happens when a vital file goes missing? You strain to remember keywords from emails it might be attached to, rifle through piles of paperwork..

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How electronic signing can benefit small law firms

Simplify your signing You've been part of the legal profession for a while, so you know how slow and cumbersome the process of getting legal..

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Simple Ways to Work Smarter and Improve Your Productivity

Five Things Highly Productive People Do Differently Have you spent most of your day on administrative tasks instead of advising clients and..

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