10 Productivity Tips for Lawyers Who Work from Home

by Marketing June 24, 2020

Working from home gives you flexibility, mobility and the opportunity to find legal- life balance.

However, it can be difficult to separate work and home life and make sure you are being productive when you are working. 

Here are our top 10 tips to increasing productivity in your home office.

1. Get Started Early

We are most productive early in the morning, when we have no distractions, before our family and friends start their day and the e-mails come rolling in. So, start your day early and get some focused work time in before the household distractions start.

2. Prepare like you are going to the office

Have a morning routine as if you were leaving the house to work in an office. Get up, have breakfast, get ready and move into your designated work area.

3. Get to know your workflow

Schedule admin and logistical tasks for your less productive times in the day, this is typically after lunch or when you need an afternoon coffee. This means you are still getting things done, even when you don’t feel like it.

4. Plan your work schedule ahead of time

At the end of each day, take time to plan out the next day or two so you have a set schedule. This will save you procrastinating in the morning about what task you should start with first.

5. Stay Connected

Use technology to stay connected to your clients and advisers. Whether that is videoconferencing tools, management software or calendar tools, it is important to check in and also see the big picture of your workflow and productivity. Simply stay connected with everyone and everything.

6. Optimise your time

A simple but effective tip is to use laundry cycles as a timer for workflow and task completion. Put your machine on a wash or dry cycle and use that time to complete a specific task. It will help you to work smarter as you are aiming to complete a task to a set time limit.

7. Break the isolation

Taking a clear break away from your home office, making sure you get outside every day and making time for hobbies and social activities will help to break that feeling of isolation when working from home. It will also help you switch off for parts of the day and relax so you can be more productive during the hours you are working.

8. Select a definite finishing time

It is easier said than done but will make a big difference to personal life and ultimately your productivity. At your set finishing time, turn off your computer, clear your desk and clock-off. Keep yourself accountable so you can enjoy the personal time you need.

9. Preparation

Prepare your lunch so you don’t spend time cooking or making lunch during the day and reduce your working hours. The best time to prepare is the night before or in the morning. This is one less distraction during your workday, meaning you can be more productive when it matters.

10. Smart Management Tools

Schedule your day like you would in an office. Track your time, schedule personal events and reminders and sync your calendar software with your other management technology to keep you on track. A smart legal management tool, like mattero, can help you be more productive and find legal-life balance.

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