Document automation

Simply create and populate documents from scratch or with templates.

mattero - DocumentTemplate-Merge

Document templates

mattero's document management seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word enabling the creation of precedents, forms and documents in no time at all.

  • Save forms and precedents as templates with dynamic merge fields
  • Improve consistency and quality of production
  • No repetitive document creation
  • No repetitious re-typing of information
  • Save administration time
mattero - Matter-DocumentPreview

Simple creation of documents

It's quick and easy to add documents to a matter or contact. Matter and contact information seamlessly merges into a pre-defined document template saving you time usually spent on administrative tasks. mattero's drag and drop feature saves documents and emails directly into the document folder.

  • Automate documents using mattero's document templates
  • Drag and drop documents, emails and files
  • Preview documents including large PDF's in mattero's preview pane
  • Categorise documents for easy filtering
  • Edit Microsoft Office documents in app
mattero - List - DocumentsPreview

Document overview

One central place for every document, email, precedent, form, PDF ever created.

  • Quick access to your most recently worked documents 
  • Dynamic search and filtering capabilities to find that ever elusive document
  • Preview documents in mattero's preview pane

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