Access everything in one place

Everything related to your matters together in one central location.

Matter dashboard

A summary dashboard that displays a timeline of recent activity, time, cost and tasks tiles. 

  • Quick entry of time records
  • Display totals of chargeable and non
    chargeable time entries
  • Display totals of paid, un-paid and non-invoiced costs
  • Matter task progress bar
  • Recent activities timeline

Matter details

All your matter details including contacts, documents, tasks, costs, invoices and trust is accessible from the one location.

  • Simple clean view of key matter information
  • Assign matter contacts
  • A single filing cabinet for matter documents and emails
  • Consolidated view of matter tasks
  • Single display of all matter time records and expenses
  • Create invoices and synchronise to Zero
  • View all matter related trust transactions and balance totals
  • Quick matter closing process

Custom fields

Custom fields can be linked to one or many practice areas ensuring you capture information that is only relevant to the type of matter. This design is highly flexible and saves time when creating a matter.

  • Configure custom fields per practice area
  • Reduces data entry time
  • Ensures consistency of information on matters across practice areas

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