Inbox Zero

What’s your number? For some of us Inbox Zero is a daily goal, while others struggle, feeling perpetually overwhelmed with hundreds, or even..

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Start-up, Start Strong

The one thing they don't teach you at law school is how to run a business. The most successful legal start-ups understand that their new boutique..

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10 Productivity Tips for Lawyers Who Work from Home

Working from home gives you flexibility, mobility and the opportunity to find legal- life balance. However, it can be difficult to separate work..

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Are You Suddenly Working from Home?

Simple Tips to Help You Adjust to This New Way of Working With the spread of COVID-19, many practices have decided to work remotely from home.

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Simple Ways to Work Smarter and Improve Your Productivity

Five Things Highly Productive People Do Differently Have you spent most of your day on administration tasks instead of advising clients?

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Small but Mighty, The Power of the MicroPractice

One of the few paths to legal-life balance, it’s no surprise that legal micropractices are becoming a popular career option. Rejecting the..

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