Organising Files With Tags: A Smarter Way To Stay Organised

You might think that the best way to organise your files is by folder, categorising by date, subject matter, or document type. But if you’re dealing..

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mattero Awarded 5-Star Service Provider by Australasian Lawyer

mattero has been awarded as a 5-Star Service Provider of legal technology in the inaugural Australasian Lawyer Service Provider Awards. mattero was..

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Achieving Work-Life Balance As A Lawyer

The legal profession is notorious for long hours and poor work-life balance – many firms bill by the hour, so it’s easy to see how balance becomes..

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A Guide to Pricing for Solo Lawyers

As a solo lawyer, there are various ways to price your services. However, if you're just starting, it can be pretty tough to pick the best pricing..

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Startup Law Firm? Here’s How to Track Time Effectively

Time is money. Understanding and accounting for the use of your lawyer's time is vital to the success of your law firm.

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How Solo Law Firms Can Thrive Post Pandemic

Was your solo law firm affected by the pandemic? You're not alone; many firms scrambled to make sudden changes to how they ran their day to day..

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