The benefits of integrated mobile legal software

Use your phone sparingly but effectively These days, you can do everything on your phone, but there aren't many things you can use it for that..

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How to communicate with clients better as a lawyer

Communicate regularly, simply, and clearly  Sometimes legal clients can feel alienated from their lawyers because they don't know what's going..

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What's new in mattero in April

A Brief overview of new additions to our legal software  In this month's instalment of What's New, we introduce Briefs as part of mattero's..

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Lawyer burnout, what is it and how you can avoid it

The legal profession is equal parts rewarding and stressful. As a lawyer, especially one who is just starting their own legal practice, you find..

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How electronic signing can benefit small law firms

Simplify your signing You've been part of the legal profession for a while, so you know how slow and cumbersome the process of getting legal..

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How To Deal With Distractions In Legal Practice

Deal with distractions quickly and decisively  Distractions are an enemy to the progress of your law firm.

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